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Pershing Square Piquant: Salsa Fest

Venture inside the Salsa Tasting Tent and try an array of zingy dishes.



    Pershing Square Piquant: Salsa Fest
    Venture inside the Salsa Tasting Tent and try an array of zingy dishes.

    How do you prefer to devour your salsa: spoon or chip?

    It's an eternal question, and one that you may well answer differently, depending upon the time of day and your salsa-seeking mood. Do you want a copious amount of salsa all at once? (Go spoon, natch.) Or do you prefer a salty accompaniment to enhance the salsa's spice? (Hello, chip.)

    Don't fret about this particular either/or question at the Los Angeles Salsa Festival, however, as there shall be a number of avenues to sampling the cornucopia of mild-to-fiery salsas found inside the festival's Salsa Tasting Tent.

    Where to find such a fantastical, magical tent? At Pershing Square on Saturday, July 9 and Sunday, July 10.

    Admission? It's free, though you'll want to bring cash for the vendors. Chances are you might come across a jar, or six, of especially savory stuff. (Which begs this further question: Does the true salsa buff need a tortilla chip, a spoon, and a jar-carting bag to really capitalize upon the caliente cuisine?)

    Wonder not if one of salsa's BFFs, the margarita, will be nearby. There's a Beer & Margarita Bar, to do the whole heat-tempering thing that both libations are known to do so well.

    A Kids' Zone, live tunes, and an area where one may shake it those live tunes are also on the delish docket. 

    So, would you say that you prefer to spoon salsa out of the jar or dip into it via a bag of chips? Both are good ways to savor one of the planet's most popular foods, an edible that can be both condiment or main cuisine, depending on the eater's approach.

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