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Pie Out Zingy 'Za at the California Pizza Festival

Dough not miss this cheese-tastic LA Center Studios party.



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    Is this your favorite food? Is this everyone's favorite food? Roll for LA Center Studios on Saturday, July 28.

    What to Know

    • Saturday, July 28

    • LA Center Studios

    • $45 pre-sale general admission

    Who is in the ultimate position of pizza power, when it comes to splitting a large with your nearest/dearest?

    Is it the person who first opens the delivery box? Because they get to eye which pieces are blessed with the best topping assortment? Or is it the person who finishes their next-to-last piece first, while one more slice remains, meaning that they'd naturally be the candidate to gently snatch it?

    Questions, questions. But there's no question as to where one of the cheesiest, gooiest, most pepperoni-tastic places in Southern California will be on Saturday, July 28: LA Center Studios.

    That's where the California Pizza Festival will roll, delivering all of the tummy-filling pies and toppings to fans who count the cheese-laden icon as its own food group.

    Billed as "the first-ever unlimited sampling pizza festival in LA," the California Pizza Festival will feature L'Antica Pizzeria, Michael's on Naples Ristorante, and PizzaRev, among several other pie-perfecting shops.

    That pre-sale general admission? It's forty five bucks.

    Gluten-free, New York, and several other styles will be available among the samples. And with 20 places lined up, you can count on an array of samples from all of the various pizza-making disciplines.

    So, who is the luckiest pizza fan? The person who first opens the box? The person who nabs the final slice? Or the person who calls upon LA Center Studios on Saturday, July 28 to try a whole saucy swath of pizza delirium?

    They're all lucky, is the thing, so, yes, it might be a trick question. For when pizza is involved, winning is not an option, but the predicted outcome.

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