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Python Mania: Paley Center Salutes Laugh Legends

Can't make the live shows in London? Make for Beverly Hills.



    Python Mania: Paley Center Salutes Laugh Legends
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    Mad for Monty Python but not attending the troupe's reunion shows in London? The Paley Center spotlights the troupe's vintage and not-so-vintage programs over two July weekends. (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

    The thousands of people who make a living from entertainment 'round Southern California can tell you that the word "heyday" is the classic double-edged sword.

    On the one hand you want one, because if you experience a heyday, you're in your prime and your work is known. But heydays pass, yes they do, and they're often spoken of from far in the future, looking back, with nostalgia.

    The term finds zero purchase with Monty Python, however. True, some would say the British comedy troupe's heyday arrived in the early 1970s, with the "Monty Python's Flying Circus," but given that the first of their London live shows, which are happening over several nights this July, sold out in 40 seconds, well.

    That heyday is apparently still happening, four decades along.

    The Paley Center for Media is embracing the all-things-Python spirit of the month with several days devoted to various shows and specials. On July 19 and 20 and again on July 26 and 27, the Paley'll screen two Flying Circus episodes, a look back at the making of "Life of Brian," and a U.S. Comedy Arts Festival tribute to the laugh-worthy legends.

    Time each day is 2 p.m. and you'll get in by paying general admission.

    Didn't make the London live shows? Or maybe you did but you need more surreal/cerebral humor? Pencil those two weekends on your calendar.

    And may every performer have a heyday that lasts as long as the one for the lads behind the Dead Parrot Sketch and the Ministry of Silly Walks.

    Sold out a stadium in 40 seconds. Seriously, who does that? The guffaw-inducing guys in the gumby and pepperpot costumes do.