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Santa Monica Chill: Adults-Only Sunset Swim

The Annenberg Community Beach House welcomes grown-ups for their own nights of splash 'n fun.



    Santa Monica Chill: Adults-Only Sunset Swim
    Sarah Prikyl
    The 18+ Sunset Swims backstroke into the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica every second Friday of the summer months.

    One of the pleasures of being on the road, if one happens to be pool-free in everyday life, is the fun found in swimming after-hours at a hotel, when just the grown-ups linger by the water's edge and the whole scene takes on a relaxed and quiet vibe.

    This isn't to say that kid-time 'round the pool isn't a blast; throwing pool noodles and doing underwater somersaults is part of the happy rites of summer. But once the younger set is tucked into bed, the pool vibes settle into near silence and grown-ups can do some wading at their own pace.

    You may not achieve such silence at the Sunset Swims, the Annenberg Community Beach House's summertime adults-only evenings, especially because you'll be at the beach in Santa Monica and not far from the PCH. 

    But the 18-and-older crowd will bring a laid-back, let's-gently-wave-the-sun-goodbye feel to the soak-and-swim happening, a happening that's scheduled for every second Friday over the summer months.

    The first outing is ready to cannonball -- actually, make that *not*-cannonball -- on Friday, June 12.

    There shall be four Fridays in all, over the summer of 2015, which means September is correctly included (being more summer than autumn, by the calendar and by the thermometer, too). Time is 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., so you'll be there in time for sundown and to shake the workweek off, like so many water droplets.

    And "fun themes, music, and activities" of a grown-up nature are in store.

    Of course, you can just bob up and down, on a raft, in a heated pool, at the beach, if you want to sit out the activities. And relaxing on a raft is pretty much like being at a hotel, after-hours, except you can drive home to your own bed that night.

    Will the historic Santa Monica landmark, and its popular pool, be your summer wind-down this year? Even over happy hour and museum jazz? There's room for all evening pursuits, but best stick "second Friday of the month" in your noggin now, and make sure your swimsuit is looking spiffy.

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