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Sips and Savings: Tax Day Tavern Deals

It's nearly April 15. Where are you heading to nosh/sip post-post office?



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    It's nearly April 15. Where are you heading to nosh/sip post-post office?

    People who eat out or drink out on the regular are known to do many things while at a table or perched upon a bar-stool: Check their team's stats, text their best buds, doodle on cocktail napkins, play with the sugar packets.

    But doing our taxes? Nope. That's a home thing, requiring files of receipts and boxes of paperwork. And we don't want to get ketchup on any official forms.

    Going out for some grub, or a beverage, following your official annual filing, though, is a time-honored, time-specific tradition. A tradition that can score you a discount, depending on where you go, as you head home, by way of a place for dinner, from the post office.

    Follow your tax filing to these Southern California tax-day-deal spots, and, of course, line up your ride home ahead of time, too. Like planning for Tax Day, planning your lift later in the evening makes sense.

    The Bars of the 1933 Group: Make for Bigfoot Lodge, Sassafras, The Thirsty Crow, and more of the group's vintage-styled taverns for one-buck beverages on April 15. The specially designated drinks are available for a few hours around happy hour and include, depending on the bar a Pisco Punch, some Old Fashioneds, and other elegant libations.

    The District by Hannah An: Ever sipped a 1040EZ? The West Third restaurant'll be serving them up for ten cents -- that is, when they're bought alongside a regularly priced cocktail. So invite a friend. If you post on social media about your visit to the eatery, you'll get a "complimentary small bite," too -- think "flavors of Vietnam."

    Bacaro LA and Bacari PDR: If you're going out to eat on the Westside or near USC, and would like your restaurant to pick up the tax, look over here: Both spots shall be doing just that on April 15 during happy hour and the serving of supper. 

    The Bar at Culina: If you're roundabout Beverly Hills way on Tax Night, swing by the Four Seasons Hotel Los Angeles at Beverly Hills for the All-Night Crudo Hour. The recently launched Crudo Hour will see a few additional hours added on in honor of April 15, including six-buck crudo (think small plates featuring salmon and halibut) and seven-dollar cocktails and carafes.

    Dog Haus: Ever wanted a Dog Haus Koozie? And a Tall Boy PBR to go inside it? The fancy frankfurter boutique chain is offering just that for a buck for April 15 diners (note: Only at the Dog Haus locations that serve brew). Purchase a regularly priced corn dog or bacon-y Downtown Dog to wash it all down -- er, we think that goes the other way, rather -- and you can call your Tax Day concluded.

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