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Sweet Salon Delivers Haute Chocolate

Fancy sweets are the stars at the Los Angeles Chocolate Salon.



    Sweet Salon Delivers Haute Chocolate
    Chocolate Salon
    Mmm: The 7th Annual Los Angeles Chocolate Salon is in Pasadena on Sunday, Oct. 6.

    October is the Unofficial Candy Month, yes? Although it is pretty dang official, truth be told. If you're going to give something sweet and sugary and full of caramel chunks its own holiday, best turn to the 10th month on the calendar.

    But it doesn't all have to be about kids and Halloween and plastic pumpkin buckets filled with just the sort of hard candies and lollies that young'uns go for. Adults like chocolate, you might have heard, meaning that the grown-ups should get their own Halloween of sorts.

    That Halloween arrives early in October, on Sunday, Oct. 6, in Pasadena. It's the Los Angeles Chocolate Salon, a gooey gathering which summons many top sweet-makers in the region and beyond.

    And what of the way-past-trick-or-treating attendees? They go from table to table, snacking and sampling chocolates made with rare salts and herbs and luscious marshmallow'd fillings and such. Talking with the sweet-o-logist who concocted the chocolate goodness is also high on many fans' lists.

    There is an art to fine chocolate, after all, and while not every chef will reveal his or her secrets, they can certainly talk shop with the sweet-toothed sorts who attend year in and year out. On the roster this year: Amano Artisan Chocolate, Amella Caramels, The Toffee Box, and many, many sticky-nougaty-yummy others.

    Demos and presentations are part of the day, too.

    A ticket is $25 ahead of time, $30 at the door. And, nope, you don't need to arrive in costume or with your plastic orange pumpkin bucket. Just bring your need for some rich, velvety, chocolate-y, fancy-treats goodness.

    Yep, October candy love is for the grown-ups, too.

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