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Tell Your Story: One Day in LA

Take one of 10 questions, make a film, think about the future



    Your Perfect Day at the Ballgame
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    A large-scale participatory media project is set to go down around Los Angeles on Saturday, April 26. Want to join? Grab a camera and consider the future of our city. (Photo by David McNew/Getty Images)

    Straight from the Obvious Institute, where all obvious statements are created, we make the following obvious observation: It is not unusual to see cameras out around the streets of Southern California, filming.

    Should we have even bothered stating that? We mean, everyone knows this, yes?

    But what will be unusual is what many of those cameras will be filming on Saturday, April 26. That's the date for One Day in LA, a "city-wise participatory media-creation event" investigating "10 questions about the future of Los Angeles."

    Filmmakers of every ability and stripe and interest and equipment-ability are invited to take on one or more of those questions in a visual and lively way. The queries include "what is the best thing happening in your city today?" and "why are you in your city?" and "what are the solutions your city needs to implement?"

    "The resulting media will be showcased in an interactive, geo-tagged archive and a TV series about the future of the American city."

    Yep, you guessed it: Los Angeles is not the only participant in the mega metropolis-focused project. Eleven cities in all will take cinematic stock of where they're at and what they need to do to reach goals. Or at least a positive future.

    For more on uploading your video, the full roster of questions, and what filmmakers and non-profit organizations are taking on over the course of the day, turn your camera here, locally minded storytellers.

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