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Weekend: Dog Cafe Pup-Up

Want a furry peek at the canine coffeehouse that may make its way to LA? Arf.



    Weekend: Dog Cafe Pup-Up
    A new dog-oriented coffeehouse -- think java and adoptable pups -- may open in LA. But first? There's the downtown Dog Cafe Pup-Up (through Jan. 25).

    Dog Cafe Pup-Up: Swinging by a local hangout to grab a sip and then finding the furry companion of your dreams? It could happen one day in LA, if the dream of the Dog Cafe is met (oh, and fundraising online, too). Want a sneak peek of what founder Sarah Wolfgang has in mind? Trot downtown from Jan. 22 through 25 to play with some woofers and get a feel for what a four-footed coffeehouse might be. (And, yep, if you're picturing the cat cafes popular in Japan, you're on the right track.)

    LA Ballet Dancers Teach Ballet: If you're going to learn a new skill or technique or artform, you daydream about going to the very best for your instruction. And if tutus and pirouettes are part of your daydream, long no longer: The Los Angeles Ballet hosts a day of free classes led by performers from our acclaimed troupe. Nope, you don't have to be a pro, or even close to pro, to attend: Beginning classes are part of the scene. Adults are welcome, tots are welcome, everyone who has ever wanted to "Nutcracker" is welcome at the Los Angeles Ballet Dance Center on Sunday, Jan. 25.

    LA Cookie Con: Are you a snacker who stays true to your one must-have treat, say, a chocolate chip snickerdoodle with walnuts? Or can you go further afield and well beyond the cookie jar as you know it? The Pasadena Convention Center welcomes a bevy of bakers and a whole caboodle of cake pops, caramel drops, and other cookie-iana on Sunday, Jan. 25. You can mostly keep to your New Year's resolutions and find a few new favorites, too.

    Irish Coffee Day: Or if you like your sweet treats a bit stronger -- and far more 21+ -- then make for Tom Bergin's on Sunday, Jan 25, which will be observing National Irish Coffee Day with a special gingerbread version (as well as the longtime classic recipe). It's a cream-coffee-whiskey concoction that can be found in pubs through Southern California, but, the neon shamrock outside the Fairfax tavern has proclaimed "House of Irish Coffee" for decades. And we tend to believe neon shamrocks.

    Jim Henson Company Book Party: When the company behind the Muppets throws a bash in honor of a kids' book series, they'll go the delightful distance, as will be the case at Vroman's in Pasadena on Saturday, Jan. 24. The series? "Enchanted Sisters" which is about, you guessed it, some sparkly siblings. The Vroman's to-do will also feature crafts, surprises, and "animal guests." Kermit is probably busy, we imagine, but the non-Muppet visitors will surely be popular with the young readers in attendance.

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