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Win Dinner: Angel City Wants Your Best Family Holiday Tale

The Arts District brewhouse is giving away four friend-group suppers.



    Win Dinner: Angel City Wants Your Best Family Holiday Tale
    Angel CIty Brewery
    Have a family holiday tale that is quirky, strange, or memorable? It could net you and three of your pals a holiday-fun Poppy + Rose dinner at Angel City Brewery. Are beer tastings involved? You bet.

    Friendsgiving -- and likewise, Friendsmas -- have become common catchwords to describe groups of pals and acquaintances who gather together over the holidays, sans the relatives, to break bread and celebrate togetherness.

    And as that bread is broken, stories of past family celebrations are often told, funny and touching tales involving the dog running off with the turkey, the burning of the cornbread (twice; the first batch and the make-up batch), and uninvited cousins who showed up and drank all the bubbly.

    Angel City Brewery wants to hear those seasonal-sweet -- or sour -- yarns, and there's something very fa-la-la in it for four story-sharing SoCalers: a holiday dinner at the brewery courtesy of Poppy + Rose, tunes, and, you got it, beer tastings.

    But in the spirit of Friendsgiving or Friendsmas, the dinner is themed to friendship, so the four winners will be invited to invite three of their closest buds to the bread-breaking, beer-sipping celebration.

    Date? Saturday, Dec. 13.

    Nope, the night doesn't fall on during Hanukkah or on Thanksgiving or Christmas, but it is a holiday season weekend evening, which is absolutely the time when cheerful convivialities, and dog-stealing-the-turkey stories, should flow freely among friends.

    Do you have such a story? We all probably have one or two, tucked in the back pocket. If you're keen to win this thing, you'll need to submit your "best family dinner story" to Angel City Brewery by Nov. 30.

    Good luck, yarn-spinners of Southern California.

    Need inspiration? Some Angel City Brewery staffers got to talking about their own family summer memories...

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