NBC4 Responds: How to Avoid Airline Baggage Fees

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid airline baggage fees.

  • Freeload on the freebies. Child car seats and strollers are checked for free so before you zip them up in their travel bags, pack some items inside.
  • Pack your heaviest items in your carry on. Do this so you can pack more in your check bags, without going over the 50-pound limit.
  • Wear your luggage. If you have a heavy jacket with multiple packets, pack items in your pockets and wear your jacket on the plane. You can put the jacket away once you're settled in on the plane.
  • Consider flying a higher class. On many flights, first class tickets waive baggage fees or let you check bags for free. If you plan on bringing a lot of bags, flying first class may be the same price as flying coach with the additional baggage fees.
  • Choose an airline that allows you to check your bags for free. Even if the flight costs more, do the math to see if it makes more sense.
  • Book tickets with an airline credit card. Many carriers waive baggage fees for airline cardholders and their companions. 
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