What to Do When Your Holiday Gift Is Recalled

From food processors to candles and so-called hoverboards, we have answers

There are a whole lot of recalls on popular products this holiday season. But what do you do if the gift you're planning on giving is under recall?

From food processors to candles and so-called hoverboards, the I-Team's Randy Mac has some answers.

First off Cuisinart is recalling some of its food processors because part of the blade can break off into food.

There are 69 reports of consumers finding pieces of the blade in food. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says 8 million units are affected.

If you bought this one as a gift, return it!

Another recall just announced: Yankee Candle Luminous. The CPSC says the Luminous candle line can expand and cause the glass jar to break.

No injuries are reported from this one, so it's up to you whether to return it for full refund or not.

Bottom line: Don't mishandle the candle!

And lastly, hoverboards.

These were all the craze last holiday and we were all treated to lots of videos of people losing their balance and taking nasty falls. As funny as these look, that can really hurt. But there's another safety concern this year.

The recall risk is the battery. Some of these hoverboards, made by Orbit, can start smoking, catch fire or even explode. Just like those Samsung phones we reported on a few months ago.

About 2,000 units are affected, no injuries yet.

But don't take a chance when it comes to exploding batteries — return it!

For more recall news, visit the Consumer Product Safety Commission at

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