14,000 Texts a Month; Okay, We're Amazed

Fast-thumbed Iowan Kate Moore was just crowned Queen of All Texting Land, Including the Pound Button and Star Key. Or we think her title reads something like that. The teenager sends some 14,000 texts a month -- a few more than we do, and maybe more than entire mid-sized cities -- and was able to perform challenging tasks like texting while moving through an obstacle course and texting while blindfolded.

But of course we're most impressed and agog over the numbers. MSNBC broke down Kate's 14,000 monthly texts for us. Have a guess? Comes out to 400+ or so a day. We decided to go a smidge further, as we were curious how many texts an hour that is, assuming one sleeps for eight hours a night. The result: about 30-ish. Every hour. All day. Every day.

Our occasional "meet u by restrant 20 min" looks very lame indeed. Kate's inspired us to stop thumbing our nose at the thumb-based arts. To get serious. To maybe even build an exercise plan around texting.

In fact, surely someone has thunk this up by now. Every major trend, from pet rocks to aerobics, has spun off other pursuits and money-making enterprises. What will be next for texting? The Texting Workout? The Texting Cookbook? Texting for Healthier Hair? Something that could be a tie-in with the growing world of texting competitions?

Entrepreneurs of the world, we're waiting.

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