1/5: The Webb Sisters

Elegant harmonies from British sibs.

THE WEBB SISTERS: Siblings often start singing together when they're juuust about yay high. If they grow up to form a band, as Charley and Hattie Webb did, you can bet the harmonies will be tight. The British duo also toured with Leonard Cohen, which is about as major-prop-sy as major props get. They're at Hotel Cafe tonight, and at the Terrace Theatre in Long Beach on Saturday.

LA PREMIERE: Cartoon maestro Jerry Beck swings by Silent Movie Theatre to present an animated treat set to run on HBO. "Getting Over Him In Eight Songs or Less" is the flick's memorable title. "Getting Over Him" creator Debra J. Solomon will be on-hand to chitchat. 8PM

"PARIS BLUES": This one comes a bit earlier in the day -- 1:30PM, to be exact -- but it is a lauded film, and it is a free screening, and it stars Sidney Poitier and Paul Newman, and it is jazzy, and it had a lot to say at the very start of the sixties. The Skirball Cultural Center is the spot.

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