2011 Vintners’ Festival Weekend


WINE TIME: There are few words that sound silkier than "vintner"; in fact, once you start saying vintner, you may never go back to saying winemaker ever again. Likewise, "Lompoc" is another great word; in fact, once you start saying Lompoc, you have to say it like five more times in a row. But the Santa Barbara-close city of Lompoc doesn't merely have a delightful handle; it hosts big wine-focused party every spring. It's called Vintners' Festival Weekend, it is organized by the Santa Barbara County Vintners Association, and it is on from Friday, April 15 through Monday, April 18.

SATURDAY SIPS: The big al fresco to-do is at Lompoc's River Park on Saturday, April 16. Over 100 local winemakers -- apologies, vintners -- will be there, along with the delicious wines they are responsible for. A ticket is $75, but there are also a host of other ticketing options to look at, including a wider-ranging "Vintners' Visa." The Saturday party, by the by, runs from 1 to 4 p.m., and being in Lompoc, on a springtime Saturday, in the middle of the afternoon, drinking local wine, sounds like it might be kind of the most perfect thing to do. Maybe ever.

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