24 Hours at Disneyland: The Need-to-Knows

The big 60th anniversary bash will draw many, many Mouse mavens.

A BIG, FULL DAY (LITERALLY): Disney movies and shorts are full of yawning, stretching, nightcap-wearing sleepy people, and a few sleepy animals, too. Think of "La La Lu," the lullaby from "Lady and the Tramp," and think of Sleepy of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," and picture Cinderella rising in the morning to a happy song, and, think, of course, of the lass who has a castle in Disneyland named after her (that would be "Sleeping Beauty," naturally). We can only imagine, with this sort of thematic inspiration, that Disney buffs are catching some zzzs and storing up on the shuteye, what with the 24-hour morning-into-day-into-night-into-morning extravaganza that's about to keep the Magic Kingdom open for one very full day. Yes, you're right, Disneyland has staged other 24-hour events, but this one is very special, and it comes with a lot of new stuff. It's the Diamond Anniversary celebration, the kick-off to Disneyland's 60th year, and fresh parades and fireworks and a new (but retro) Haunted Mansion ghost and updated touches to the Matterhorn await. But you know all this, having studied up. Are you so studied up, however, that you have all of the suggested tips committed to memory? Tips that will help you make Friday, May 22 -- and part of May 23 -- the best Disneyland visit ever?

HERE ARE A FEW HINTS: The Disneyland blog has shared some good-to-know info for people planning on pushing through the full 24-hour spectacular. Like? Well, the Pumbaa lot will be ready for early arrivals, on the night of Thursday, May 21, starting at 10 o'clock. (We tip our bedcap to you, intrepid fans, if this is when you plan on arriving.) There's a 4 a.m. escort into the park for the 6 a.m. kick-off on May 22. No costumes are allowed for the grown-ups, and there are important things to know about waiting in line, especially if you're going to make a pre-night of it, ahead of the sunrise opening on the 22nd. Are you ready? Are you stoked? Are you currently asleep, in preparation, of the biggest day on the Disneyland 2015 calendar? We'll let you get your night-night, then, and wish you sweet, Goofy-filled dreams.

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