Take Off Your Pants, Metro Riders

Angelenos leave cars, pants at home

Flash mob aficionados and lovers of all things meta are in for a revealing spectacle on Sunday -- Metro riders will be traveling without pants.

The urban prank is part of Improv Everywhere's network of schemes. This is LA's second year of "The No Pants! Subway Ride."

In New York, the event has been running for the last eight years. Last year, at least 24 cities across the globe took off their pants for some harmless public transportation fun.

On their website, organizers stress one important caveat: "VERY IMPORTANT: this mission obviously means no pants, but YOU MUST WEAR UNDERWEAR!!!"

And to prevent overexposure (well, more overexposure), pantsless pranksters will be divided up by birth month.

Birthday MonthBoarding StationTrain Leaves Station
July-SeptemberUnion Station2:22 p.m.
April-June1st St./Civic Center2:24 p.m.
October December5th St./Pershing Square2:25 p.m.
January-March7th St./Metro Center2:27 p.m.

Don't forget to purchase the proper Metro pass; an all-day ticket for $5 is recommended. Because taking your pants off on the Metro is funny -- getting a $250 fine for not paying the subway fare is not.

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