405 Things to Do During Carmageddon

The city is suggesting a bunch of ways to keep busy (on foot, if possible).

We're not going to make assumptions here. Okay, maybe we'll make one. And that assumption is that you probably never gave the numbers four, zero, and five a whole lot of thought in the past, except perhaps for those times when driving on the 405. Oh, and maybe if your birthday is April 5, and you find yourself writing 4/05 a lot.


But beyond that? Not much, right? Except for now, when we're just days away from what's being called Carmageddon, the weekend-long closure of the 405 freeway from the 10 to the 101. You're seeing deals for $4.05 off, we're betting, or you will. You're hearing comedians crack wise, as comedians will when a whole bunch of people begin to bemoan an approaching inconvenience. Everyone seems to be getting in line.

That's fine, as long as that particular line is well-clear of the 405 on Saturday, July 16 and Sunday, July 17.

Now the Los Angeles Convention and Visitors Bureau is lending a hand, or, rather, 405 tweets. Starting on Sunday July 10 (at 4:05 p.m., natch), the bureau will be recommending 405 things to do around town during the stay-clear-of-that-freeway weekend. Iconic activities will be suggested, and offbeat to-dos, too. Public transportation suggestions and $4.05-themed deals will be part of the mix as well.

Follow @discover_LA to get more tips. We've only had a preview of the first five -- Fern Dell, Koreatown, and the Grauman handprints are all on there -- but we're betting plenty of landmark restaurants, attractions, bars, and outdoor settings will make a cameo.

Thanks, Discover LA. We're now curious if anyone will attempt to cover all 405 things, if not over a weekend than during a full year. Maybe a full decade? Los Angeles is big, and for that we're glad.

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