“(500) Days” in Three Hours

So, when the gossip mags look back at the summer of '09, and the hook-ups and break-ups are tallied, pored over, hmphed at, and filed, we have a feeling one of our favorite pairings may not get the loving-on it deserves.

That match is the Fox Searchlight indie "(500) Days of Summer" and downtown Los Angeles. Much has been written about how movingly, and how beautifully, and how "I-want-to-move-there"-ingly, this film uses our bustling core. LAist featured a handy map, even. And now LA Conservancy is throwing a Sunday afternoon walking tour of the film's major locations.

The walk-about will be led by author Harry Medved -- "Hollywood Escapes" is his book -- and a key assistant location manager on the film, Marty Cummins. It's on Sunday, August 30th, it's starting at 3PM, it's ending at 6PM, it leaves from the Old Bank DVD at 400 S. Main, and there's no admission.

But, about that "no admission" bit. This is for LA Conservancy. Donations are welcome. Best have a little something in your pocket, is our advice.

Broadway Bar and Civic Center and the Bradbury are in the film, and, we hope, and think, will be on the tour. All the favorite spots of the diehard downtownee. You'll need to RSVP, by the way, so best do that soon.

And yes, world, we have an amazing urban heart, and great vintage record stores and cozy bars and we are bookworms and we leave our cars and walk a lot, and while we walk we talk about ideas, love, greeting cards. We even wear ties and dresses with some frequency. We don't all rollerskate everywhere with our feathery hair and bikinis. Only in "Xanadu," which is another fantastic Los Angeles movie.

How 'bout a "Xanadu" tour of Venice/Santa Monica, LA Conservancy? *That's* when we'll pull out the swimsuit/rollerskates.

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