7/30: Roller Disco Sparkly Dreams

HEADBANDS ON: For a night of shaking it the Echoplex. You can't make RollerCon in Vegas -- maybe you're not even a Derby person -- but you do love old-school rollering, adult beverages, costume-y tights, conga lines where you hold tight to a new pal's waist. Down & Derby is your gussy-up-and-glide party. It's back at The Echoplex from 10PM-2AM.

SUNSET CONCERT: The Skirball Center boasts that lovely, hilly setting, the ideal spot for relaxing to free tunes as evening falls. Gadji-Gadjo is the band tonight, and mandolins, accordions, clarinet, and percussion are part of their world-beat vibe. Everything starts at 8PM, and, as we mentioned, there is no admission, but note that parking is $5.

MORE SUNSET-Y SOUNDS: Summer Music on The Redondo Beach Pier continues with a bluesy show from Shary Puorto & The Rhythm Addicts. It's also free, and attendees are invited to arrive with beach chair/blanket. An old worn blanket, some sand, two hours or so of tunes, the waves. Weekend's almost here. 6-8PM

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