A Breakfast that is WTF

24/7 New Restaurant Near USC Serves Up Jacks and Joe

Want breakfast at noon?

Want breakfast for dinner?

"We've even got breakfast for breakfast, if you get up that early," said Mark Bednorz, co-owner of the new "Jacks N Joe" in downtown Los Angeles. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and most people miss it."

Mark, his wife Vianney, and her sister Jasmine Lymon are the masterminds behind the new restaurant that takes its name from Jacks from the flipjacks on the menu, and Joe for the coffee served.

Also on the menu, something that makes customers say "WTF!"

Yes, you know what that stands for and when you see the dish you'll understand why they name it the three letter phrase.

It's a pancake dish that is a crazy swirl of pancake batter, covered with berries and strawberries, and topped with cream cheese speciality developed by Lymon, a trained chef.

The restaurant also brings in part of Mark's background.  Growing up in Hawaii, SPAM was a product widely consumed and incorporated in daily dishes.

It is part of the "Maui Wowie" omelet specialty made with Portuguese sausage, mixed with cheese and green onions.

By the looks of the response from customers, both dishes are big hits.  The restaurant is opened to a strong following from USC students and locals. The university is just around the corner.

Mark's own son, a USC junior, helps out along with his sister.

It truly is a family affair that makes you feel like part of the family for the most importantr meal of the day.

“Jacks N Joe is like our home and the people who come in are our guest,” said Mark. “We wanted a place where people to sit, talk and connect.”

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