Corner Helps Change a Neighborhood

The Hollywood Corner restaurant anchors a re-growth in the heart of Hollywood

Corners in Hollywood have had a long history of being, well, sketchy. That is exactly why Hollywood resident Fares Wehby decided to take back a corner in his attempt to take back his neighborhood.

"We opened up three years ago and we wanted to give people who live here a good place to eat and a good place to go," said Wehby.

Wehby has long been part of the neighborhood's re-growth by investing in the local school, security around businesses and a belief in investing not just in the businesses, but in the neighbors.

"We've seen these people grow. Many moved into the neighborhood as immigrants, barely making ends meet, but 20 years later their children are college graduates," said Wehby.

One of those kids is the restaurant's manager, Jose Baraba.

“We are for the people of Hollywood,” said Baraba, who grew up in the neighborhood and has helped out Wehby with his vision for a brighter, better place to live and eat.

The Hollywood Corner is a simple concept: cafe style, outdoor sitting and focus on fresh, healthy food.

“We focus on healthier options,” Baraba said.

The Chicken Jack is one of the signature dishes, served with quinoa patty, omelet with sausage jack and chicken pancake omelet with in fried chicken folded over gravy on top.

“Besides the Chicken Jack, we have a variety of healthy dishes for our costumers because we strive to provide the best healthy foods to the customers,” said Baraba.

It's simple ingredients that have helped this simple restaurant become part of the complex solution of reviving a neighborhood on the fast track of renewal.

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