A Merry Free Merry Movie

Pasadena Playhouse District's free merry movie will be "Elf."

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Okay, you don't *actually* have to dress like an elf to attend the Merry Merry Movie event in Pasadena on Saturday, Dec. 18.

But consider the opportunities you do have to dress up like a happy, stripey-pants person in this modern world. So few, so far between. Really, it might get one down if one begins to ponder the places where it would be weird to wear a pointy, bell-covered hat.

So let's instead focus on all the fine things happening on Dec. 18. One, the Merry Merry Movie is now very much a Rose City holiday happening; it is a free screening of a festive film on the Saturday before Christmas. This year it'll be "Elf," it'll be at the Laemmle Playhouse 7, and it is free. Which we already said but we'll say again. Free.

(We realize popcorn is pictured above; in-theater treats will be extra, but there will be free snacks after the movie.)

Two, this is the fourth year for the Merry Merry Movie, meaning we can use the word "tradition" with confidence here.

And three, there will be singing and sweets in the Vroman's courtyard following the film. This is where you'd want your bell-covered hat to really shine, we think. Just think it over.

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