A “Music”al Twist to a Big Parade

A two-day walk takes in a famous movie location.

Alysia Gray Painter

What? Most community walkabouts and neighborhood tours last, oh, two hours? Three? (Hi, Great Los Angeles Walk. We're not talking about you and your mega eight-hour-y ways. Don't bristle.)

But rare is the stroll that is so expansive that two days are required. But the Big Parade indeed takes up two days, but seeing how it covers great swaths of downtown and easterly parts, including Bunker Hill, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Los Feliz, and Griffith Park, we understand the need for a full weekend.

And those two days in 2011? Saturday, May 21 and Sunday, May 22.

There will be several surprises and get-to-know-your-city features to the walk. A peek at a secret road between Echo Park and Silver Lake is promised (the word "bushwhacking" is used, note). Various sights that are both known and, um, awaiting glory, will be considered.

And will the famous Music Box steps be visited? Yes. Will the organizers of the Big Parade screen "The Music Box," the famous laffer where Laurel and Hardy have to carry a piano up some skyward Silver Lake stairs, be screened *at* the stairs? Oh by golly yes. Will someone show in an Oliver Hardy bowler? We're counting on it.

As with any two-day event, there are some various elements, different to-knows, and one impressively filled-out FAQ. Get details, and then get to know your community.

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