A New Menu for Canter’s

The Fairfax deli's famous food roster is getting an update.

Canter's corned beef sandwich

This one is sure to set the local food blogs alight.

KCET has an item about Canter's Deli and the historic Fairfax restaurant's famous, long-standing menu. The short of it? The menu is getting an update, a change inspired by Alex Canter, owner Mark Canter's son.

Alex, who has worked at the restaurant since he was 15, envisions some contemporary needs for the menu. New cocktails and new panini-type sandwiches; you can read the interview in full here.

Which gets us to musing about the items we love and hope make the cut. The Downtowner? Canter's, please keep that. The Marilyn Monroe, too. And those famous black-and-white cookies.

But would we be too twee, and too nostalgic, if we said we hope the menu itself -- as in the printed item you hold and read -- keeps the oh-so-retro illustration of the happy man holding the colorful cocktail? Once we see him we know everything is going to be all right with the world.

Changes happen, even at our oldest restaurants, of course. Surely people were sad to see the phones leave Canter's long ago. That's one more change we never want to see at the restaurant; as long as those now-unused phone jacks stay near the table, recalling a day when Hollywood power players would take client calls during lunch, we'll be happy.

Judging by the comments going at Hidden LA, which is where we saw this, people feel passionate about their Canter's.

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