A Viking Encampment in Thousand Oaks

Viking lore, a maypole, and authentic eats round out the lively party.

CULTURE, HISTORY, EATS: There isn't a Southern California cultural festival that isn't a bit venerable at this point, which is an excellent thing indeed. We have large and well-attended celebration marking holidays from around the globe, celebrations that very often started decades ago. The Scandinavian Festival is a great example of this, and it is will be aebleskivvering it up in Thousand Oaks on Saturday, April 20 and Sunday, April 21. The fest, founded in 1974, closely hews to many traditions, meaning there's a very solid educational component to it in addition to pure fun. (Those are one in the same, right?) There's such a close-hewing, in fact, that a Sami Village and Viking encampment are constructed on the grounds. They're convincing reproductions, meant to give visitors a true look at everyday life. Stina Fagertun, a Sami storyteller, will also be spinning tales.

AND THE ACTIVITIES: There's quite a bit afoot, but the maypole catches our eye first, if only because you so rarely see them now, outside of films and music videos. (Yep, Original Renaissance Pleasure Faire, we know you're solid in the maypole category; no offense meant.) And beyond the maypole? A performance by ABBA Girlz -- ohhh yeah -- plus a showing of Norwegian Elkhounds and a few rounds of Dala Horse Croquet.

AND THE EATS: If you're hoping that something of the Swedish meatball variety will be for sale, hope no more: You're in luck. So will aebleskivvers, those sweet symbols of Solvang. Norwegian waffles, Swedish pancakes, and lefse, a Norwegian breadstuff, will also be seen in strollers' hands.

COST: It's eight bucks for an adult ticket (that's 12 and older). The April-perfect setting is the California Lutheran University campus.

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