Adopt a Panda for Valentine's

Finding yourself head-over-heels for Xiao Liwu? Share the love.

FURRY LOVE HEARTS: Ever since Xiao Liwu, the everywhere-famous panda cub at the San Diego Zoo, made his live panda cam debut at the animal park in early January, we've pictured television executives huddling. No, really; fans are a little obsessed with this roly-poly baby, his mom Bai Yun, and their real-time daily adventures (if Facebook and Twitter are any indications, and they tend to be among the main indications these days). We picture the entertainment media meetings, and the discussions therein that ask this: "how can we get the viewers this 16-pound panda is getting?" (Our answer to the television execs: Cute animals tumbling around. Done.) In short, Xiao Liwu is inspiring the worldwide love, meaning that a Valentine's tie-in would surely soon follow, and rightly so. And this is it: The San Diego Zoo has a deal going where panda fans may adopt a giant panda for their sweetie this V Day.

THE FURRY DETAILS: Nope, you won't be driving a new furry buddy home (and, honestly, we wouldn't even know how to begin panda-proofing our place; they're pretty curious and get into stuff). But you can support conservation efforts and wildlife goals and net a few wrappable items in the process. Spend fifty bucks and get a color photo, personalized certificate, and a few other goodies. Your cash will also go toward "toys and treats" for the zoo pandas. C'mon; next time you're watching the live panda cam, and you see the cub playing with a toy, don't you want to imagine that's the toy you contributed towards? You totally want to take credit. There are higher levels of donation, too, but you'll want to get this set up by Feb. 6 if you want to give it to some special panda-loving person this Valentine's.

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