Late Nite Vegan Tip: Franken's Hot Dogs

Quarrygirl sent us a tip this morning as follows:

LA’s first vegan hot dog stand, in a different location all the time. It’s so good, and you can find it outside of venues like the smell and pehrspace. Kogibbq has got nothing on this! the kids LOVE IT.

I tried to verify the tip by googling Franken’s, and was returned a bunch of HuffPo articles regarding Al Franken, so I’m assuming this phenom is relatively new. (No bullshit: Google Franken’s hot dogs and you get “Coleman has as much chance of winning as a vegan at a hot dog eating contest” …)

What I do know is that at $4, these plant-based sausages (sun-dried tomatoes!) are priced considerably cheaper than the gourmet veggie sausages at Wurstküche and the toppings don’t appear to be limited, either (glares toward 3rd & Traction). And, oh - the line’s shorter than Kogi, and the location’s trackable online? Count me doubly interested. Get the full scoop here.

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