Aquarium Nights: Later Holiday Hours

Kicking around the house come sundown? Go see a shark.

Aquarium of the Pacific/Brian Gray

NIGHTS DURING THE HOLIDAYS... can be a little long. After all, the longest night of the year has just gone by, and if Christmas and Hanukkah have bid their farewells, and the relatives have flown home, and the batteries have already fizzed out on the toys under the tree, a person can begin to look for another outlet come evening. There are the movies, and the theme parks, and many a seasonal rink is still trucking into January, but one place, 'round about Long Beach, is doing things up a little differently through Jan. 2. It's the Aquarium of the Pacific we refer to, and as a seasonal high five for its fans it is doing just this: Offering a discounted admission in the evenings through Saturday, Jan. 2. That means after you've hit the post-holiday sales, or various errands, or the office, if you're at the office New Year's Week, you can still take in some of the aquatic wonders of the world via the institution's many amazing exhibits and experiences. 

11,000 ANIMALS: And while those massive tanks and colorful scenes are absolutely note-worthy, it is the many residents of the aquarium that people do rave about. It is home to bamboo sharks, and horseshoe crabs, and jellies so floaty you'd think that some puppeteer is operating them by strings (there is no puppeteer required for these mind-blowing beasties, do note). You can see all of these delightful denizens during the evenings, from 5 o'clock to 8:30 p.m., and you can save money, too. How much? Visitors'll pay just $14.95 for the three-and-a-half-hour stretch of looking-around-ness. 

NIGHTY NIGHT, LORIKEETS: The chirp-tastic birds just outside of the building'll be tucked up for the evening, and shall not be receiving visitors. But everything else that's furry and fin-laden? You'll find them inside and at that adjacent pools and tanks. It's a peaceful and knowledge-smart way to wrap a year and welcome a new one, if you're hoping to incorporate more peaceful, smarty-fun outings in 2016.

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