Artie Lange Book Signings

One of the original cast members of the just-nixed "Mad TV," and now a stratospherically popular personality on Howard Stern's show, Artie Lange has some seriously devoted followers. Like, hardcore. These are fans who could probably repeat back to him, nearly verbatim, one of his many famous stories from his very colorful life.

How colorful? The comedian, by his own admission, liked to party, how shall we say, hearty. But that isn't the only headline from "Too Fat to Fish" (a title that could not be easier to remember -- bravo, Mr. Lange, bravo). Anyone who has seen the man laughing it up on late-night television knows he's a genial guy with a knack for the well-told yarn. Kind of like your favorite neighbor, if your favorite neighbor had an outrageous streak and would, without fail, "go there" with a particularly ribald joke (as in, "oh, he went there"). We're sure his book, which covers his Garden State childhood as well as his rise in the stand-up ranks, will be filled with that special Artie brand of warmth that simultaneously touches the heart and gives those prone to being offended mild palpitations.

November 14, 10PM
Ticket/book required (see official site)
Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood

November 15, 2PM
Barnes & Noble at The Grove, 189 Grove Drive, Los Angeles

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