Baby Time at Centennial Farm

Coo over piglets, lambs, and chicks, in Costa Mesa.

HERE'S A FURRY FACT... that few would attempt to quibble with: Baby animals have a way of growing up, and incredibly fast, too. One day a little lamb is just learning how its legs work — this hoof goes here, this hoof goes there — and then soon she is grown, fully woolly and as majestic and grown-up as can be. If you've ever watched a human sprout up, you know the days go quickly, and there seems to be a new growth milestone every hour, or seemingly so. Which is all to say this: Should you want to coo and/or awww and/or giggle and/or sigh over the newest arrivals at the Centennial Farm in Costa Mesa, the moment is nigh (and the moment, as of this typing, is the middle of April 2017). The OC Fair & Event Center is reporting a caboodle of kids, as in lil' goats, and chicks and piglets and lambs in recent weeks, all animals that'll be getting long-of-limb, big-of-beak, stout-of-snout before we know it.

SO WHO'S NEW? A litter of piglets born to "Miss Hammilton" on April 9 (coo here, if you will, over the notion that piglets weigh in at a pound or two at birth). Twin Alpine Sasaan goats made their debut on April 4, and a new calf also made an April entrance. There are teens, too, at the Orange County agricultural attraction, like some piggies who were born in February. Whatever the age of the animal you're admiring, springtime is smile time, in terms of seeing newborn barn critters at their littlest, whatever the littlest happens to be for that particular animal. Above all, Centennial Farm isn't just a county fair thing; you can go now. Details? Run like a little piglet or kid or lamb to the big red building.

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