Bai Ling, Matthew Perry Head for the UCB

Oh, Ronna & Beverly. Two BFFs, dishing out the affectionate, opinionated advice for Jewish singles, your loved ones, and anyone else you feel can use a bit of oomph in their life. You're two dolls, and you're about to encounter two really big stars on your stage at the Upright Citizens Brigade: Bai Ling and Matthew Perry.

What will you advise them? Will you be all up in their business? We're guessing yes. We're hoping yes. Bai Ling, of course, is the reigning superstar of fashion and gossip blogs like Go Fug Yourself; Matthew Perry was most recently seen in "17 Again" and a certain sitcom about a clutch of attractive pals trying to make it in New York City. There's was some splashing in fountains, and some umbrellas, and some very fine comic writing, we do recall.

Count on it all getting over-the-top outrageous. And count on it being sold out, and least in the advance reservations. But UCB says there is to be a stand-by line, and, as with all stand-by lines, we're supposing the earlier you arrive the better. Wouldn't Ronna & Beverly give similar advice? May 21, 9:30PM. $5. UCB Theatre, 5919 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles. 323-908-8702

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