Beards: Let's Just Call ‘Em “In” and Call it a Day

Like the lighting of the tree at The Grove and be-Ugg-ed feet strutting down the street -- wait, scratch that, Uggs are year-round wear here -- which kind of makes sense, because, c'mon, June is chilly -- one of the heralds of winter coming are the various "beards are in" lists. The rundowns, complete with what stars are going furry around the chin, crop up, like so many sprouting hairs, here and there through the late fall.

What amuses us most is that beards were in long before the clean-shaven look. There was a time long ago without electric razors -- or any razors -- or mirrors, or the need to groom. So, whether you favor the looong ZZ Top braidable beard, or something more streamlined and Van Dyke-y, or the classic mutton chop, or just a jolly, Santa-like growth, beards are in. Period. Actors may grow them or not grow them for roles, winter may come then summer, but beards will never leave, and they lend men an academic or back-to-nature look that's hard to resist.

Don't just take our word for it. All About Beards and the World Beard and Mustache Association provide the support and celebration the hirsute gentleman deserves.

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