Top Moment of 2012: Dwight Howard's Funny Moment

Dwight Howard provides Triple Threat with its "Top Moment of 2012" with a funny little video.

With the end of 2012 rapidly approaching, Triple Threat decided to share its top Lakers moment of the year: a never-before seen video of Dwight Howard having a rather awkward and funny moment in the Los Angeles Lakers’ locker room.

Triple Threat’s Shahan Ahmed asked Howard to comment on the differences between playing alongside a taller Pau Gasol and a shorter Antawn Jamison after Jamison had 33 points and 12 rebounds off the bench. What followed was pure comedy.

Howard started talking about Jamison and how other teams attack the boards and try to take advantage of a smaller power forward in terms of rebounding.

Then, Howard got to Gasol and started with, "Pau is very long…"

He caught himself before he said something that would sound awkward. However, his next sentence didn’t fare much better. 

Howard tried to recover by saying, "[Pau]’s bigger than most guys…at the power forward position."

At that point, Howard couldn’t keep a straight face and broke down laughing, and our writer was laughing alongside him. Shockingly, no one else seemed to understand the moment, but it was caught on video (embedded above and below).

Being a seasoned veteran, Howard quickly put his poker face back on and completed his response but not before giving Triple Threat its most memorable Lakers moment of 2012. 

Happy New Year, everyone!

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