Big Bear New: Kids Ski Free

April is soon to blow in like a flowery breeze, but chances to ski 'n board near Big Bear are still ripe. The kids ski free for the rest of the 2015-2016 season.


THERE'S NO CLOCK LIKE A CROCUS, or a magnolia bloom, or a rose, or those wee yellow-orange-y flowers that cover a lantana, lavishly. None of these aforementioned things come with numbers or digital readouts, but they report in a very factual manner this true thing: Winter is ending, if not completely ended, in many areas. Thus the urge to enjoy the colder pursuits, those fun times that'll be shelved for several months, steps up with each new bud on the lilac bush. A couple of resorts not far from LA and San Diego are helping those who dig brrrr-ing a bit while having a good time out by offering a really excellent deal, one geared to families. The headline? It's...

KIDS SKI/BOARD FREE... at Bear Mountain and Snow Summit for the remainder of the 2015-2016 season beginning on Friday, March 24. If you're wee skier also could benefit from some lessons, those'll move to 50-percent off, also starting on March 24. As for the age? Your youth should be 12 and under. As for the free rides? Yep, those are part of the deal for kids, too. If you happen to be up the mountain for...

EASTER DAY, both snow-fun destinations will have holiday doings. There's a morning egg hunt at Snow Summit, and the wind through the fir trees reveals the (true) rumor that a certain Big Bunny will make a happy cameo. And over at Bear Mountain, the search'll be on for the "Bear Bottle" -- it's a water bottle -- and the chance to "win a number of prizes." Where is it? It's hidden on the mountain, so good luck, intrepid searchers.

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