Bob Dylan to Strum at OC Fair

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FAIR SHOWS: The fair-based concert is truly one of the best of the warm-weather pleasures. After all, you don't ride a Ferris wheel or eat fried food on a stick before going to most shows in the wintertime (or maybe you do, and we're just making assumptions here). But a fair performance? You've probably had a day out at the fair, and as evening approaches you start to get pretty peppy about seeing the band you love. It's a different experience, and one that belongs to summer. And, like summers past, the OC Fair will again feature a bevy of big names as part of Los Angeles Times Concert Series at Pacific Amphitheater in Costa Mesa. How big? Dylan big.

BOB AND BEYOND: Mr. Bob Dylan and his band will be playing the Pacific on Friday, July 15. Melissa Etheridge rocks on Sunday, July 31. And Weezer plays on Friday, Aug. 4. Oh, and Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek get summon sounds of a Doorsian nature on Friday, Aug. 5. Check out the full line-up now. Some shows are midweek, so best make those afternoon-off plans now with the boss. You'll want to try and get some bumper cars in before your Blue Oyster Cult, yes? Yes.

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