BuildingSpotter: Melrose Place is in Los Feliz

The reincarnation of Melrose Place premiered on the CW last night, and we hear it was sexily ridiculous (the CW makes us too preoccupied with the elasticity of our skin to actually concentrate on the programming). The original Melrose Place series started in 1992 and followed the sexy ridiculousness of a bunch of twentysomethingish professionals, artists, and aspirants who lived in the eponymous apartment complex.

Both Melrose Places are set at 4616 Melrose Place, a mediterranean courtyard building in, of course, Melrose. You can take a tour of the complex, fill out an application, and meet the hipster leasing agent at the CW's fake rental site (it's pretty authentic!). Melrose Place's courtyard and interiors are shot on soundstages, but the building's exterior is the El Pueblo Apartments at 4616 Greenwood Place in Los Feliz. (Melrose Place is a short little street that runs between La Cienega and Melrose. 4616 Melrose Avenue is at Normandie.)

And doesn't that just make more sense? In 1992, Melrose was very cool, but now it's full of producer-screenwriter couples with little kids. If you're going to film a series about sexy, ridiculous, inexplicably moneyed people making their way in LA, shouldn't you set it in Los Feliz or Downtown or maybe Culver City?

[El Pueblo image via The Ultimate Beverly Hills 90210 Choose-Your-Own-Adventure]

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