Built by Wendy Sample Sale

Ever since we read that Babycakes -- that not-bad-for-you cupcakery that's had New Yorkers gobbling goodies -- has uniforms thunk up by Built by Wendy, we've developed a soft spot for the designer. So when Built by Wendy throws a sample sale, like the Third Street store is doing this weekend, we take notice.

Swish dresses, pert little frocks and cap sleeves are hallmarks of this favor-all-things-feminine designer. We especially love a medieval-y, roomy top we saw from the spring. Discounts are deep -- 50 to 80 percent -- and though it is not clothing from this season, our interest is still piqued. So many of the pieces already have classic, long-ago flair, that their original debut dates shouldn't matter a whit.

Built by Wendy, 7938 W. Third Street, Los Angeles

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