Burnishing Up Your “Arrrrs” and “Forsooths”

We thought something was brewing when, just the other day, we came across a Facebook group for enthusiasts who are devoted to talking like pirates. Hmm, we thought, we know Talk Like a Pirate Day is in September, but, if there's a year-round group, the movement is growing.

But it may even be beyond that. There's a full-on immersion weekend for people interested in the finer points of pirate-ese and Renaissance-y chitchat, and we're not talking about sprinkling "ye" here and there and calling it a day.

Nope, you'll get the lowdown on the tools and brick-a-brack of pirate life, and other helpful tips on dress and manners and such. It's a good thing, too, because the Cutthroats of Corona Pirate Festival, not to mention several other don-your-doublet-and-make-merry bashes are straight ahead around Southern California.

We like the idea of attending the immersion weekend simply to pick up on phrases we can sprinkle here and there, at the office, at the grocery store, to keep things lively. More adventure and romance for everyone's everyday life, we say. The weekend's February 28-March 1 in Corona; dial 800-320-4REN for more info. Arrrrrr! (Meaning, good luck to you, have a nice day and thanks for reading).

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