Calling All Bartenders: Because someone obviously had to…

Because someone obviously had to do this, LX.TV is launching a new online reality series, On the Rocks: The Search for America's Top Bartender with casting call/launch party planned for LA on September 29 at Edison (if you don't go to the party, you don't go to the casting call). Per LA Mag's Digest blog: "We’re not sure if this is aimed at the big league guys...or more at the chicks making hurricanes at Saddle Ranch. Either way, we know Marcos Tello of the Edison (and organizer of L.A.’s monthly bartender club The Sporting Life) is somehow involved." Absolut is a sponsor but hopefully it won't all be based on Absolut (or vodka, for that matter) cocktails. Here's a Facebook page for the sign up. [Digest]

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