Cannes. Union Station. Christmas is Here. Kind Of

Like most people, we love mail, thinking that it might bring to us something special, a surprise magazine subscription, a birthday card with five dollars from ten years ago that had been lost but suddenly recovered, coupons for a quarter off our favorite peanut butter.

So when a recent piece of mail was all about Disney's "A Christmas Carol," we naturally thought some sort of worm hole (all respect, "Star Trek") opened up and it was now December. But nope -- Christmas is coming early for the big Robert Zemeckis-directed extravaganza. Major spring promo-ing for a movie due in winter? We love you, Hollywood. You go girl. Etc.

The movie's out on November 6, but the yuletide-y Train Tour is rolling now, with a stop at Union Station May 22-25. To be honest, we could go for touring a few snowy-ish feeling movie train cars on typically hot-hot Memorial Day weekend. And, more from "A Christmas Carol": the three principals, Jim Carrey, Robin Wright, and Colin Firth, frolicked in fake snow in Cannes today.

We're sensing -- no, we know -- we'll be hearing a lot more about this film for the next six months, and that's fine, because if there's anything we like more than mail, it's a Robert Zemeckis flick (hi, "Back to the Future"), and if there's anything we like slightly more than "Back to the Future" it's Colin Firth. 

And, to be frank, Christmas, in our hearts, trumps all of those other favorites. Sorry Colin, we know you'll understand.

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