Cole's Debuts New Site

Like the swallows returning to Capistrano, there are several happy signs to look for when a restaurant is about to once more open its doors. The call for new hires. Rumors of soft-opening parties and filming. And the launch of a new site.

On that last point: Cole's has just gussied up its web presence with a splashy, stylish online calling card (cheers to blogdowntown for reporting the French Dip-themed 411). And though the big re-opening of this famous downtown joint is a month away, but we're going to slake our sandwich cravings (yes, we said slake) with a thorough perusal of the pretty site. We like the Victorian-cool font, the red-boothy, red-wallpapered photos and, of course, that perfect-for-our-front-yard neon sign.

We won't reintroduce the tired old conversation about Philippe's, Cole's and who invented the French Dip on this page. Rather, we vow, when Cole's is slicing meat once more, to revisit both of these savory giants on the same day for a double lunch. Some cities lack even a single French Dip emporium, and here we are, all bickery about having two of the greatest. We shall zip it on this issue once and for all, and only open our mouths to bite into a Dip.

Opens December 4
118 E. Sixth Street, Los Angeles

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