Dinner's walkable from the con. Good thing, too.

One of the greatest pleasures of Comic-Con is walking out of the San Diego Convention Center and thinking about dinner. You've just put in several hours of panels and booth-strolling, and now you want food, and you're on vacation, so it'll likely be food on the fun side.

Like we said, a pleasure. But where, with the restaurant-rich Gaslamp District immediately before you, shall you go? has done a tasty round-up of Comic-Con-y breakfast deals; the crepes at Richard Walker's particularly tempt. Yelp has a whole rundown of SDCC-close eateries. And breaks down the meals by type.

Even though walking to lunch or dinner is easy-breezy, you can hop a Comic-Con shuttle to go further afield. Best read up on the get-around details.

People have their sentimental favorites they return to year after year. Croce's for cocktails and Altitude at the Marriott for views and Ghirardelli for sugar-powered sundaes.

Just make sure wherever you choose, you can eat through your mask. We've seen people try, and we've seen caramel get stuck in fake fur. Caution, is all we're saying.

The 2010 Comic-Con International is July 22-25.

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