Contemporary Diner Heads West

Last Wednesday, Kitchen 24 co-owner David Dickerson finally confirmed rumblings that he and business partners Errol and Kimberly Roussel plan to expand their contemporary 24/7 diner from Hollywood to West Hollywood.

“We’re always looking for high density urban locations that are fun,” says Dickerson, who added that a downtown location is also a possibility. The West Hollywood address is 8575 Santa Monica Boulevard—the former home of Primo Bistro—and the opening is on track for late summer or early fall. They want to be open for Halloween, targeting the legendary West Hollywood Costume Carnival, which has been known to draw 500,000 people in a single night.

The design will be similar, courtesy of Spacecraft and Kristofer Keith, but the West Hollywood spinoff will add 40 to 50 patio seats.

“The menu will be very close to identical,” says Dickerson, “but there will be a couple additional novelties." Executive chef David Rosenberger has been working on huevos rancheros, a vegetarian breakfast burrito, turkey pot pie, and smoothies.

In other Dickerson news, he and Commissary partners Tyler King and Molly Kidder are looking into expanding to Hollywood, which he calls "unmarked territory in terms of craft coffee.” [The Feast]

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