Coo Time: Santa Barbara’s Wee Giraffe

Say hello to the newest resident at the Santa Barbara Zoo.

Santa Barbara Zoo

BABY ANIMALS: Precious little furry and feathery younglets fill our computer screens throughout the year -- seriously, Google "baby dolphins" in the middle of winter and you'll instantly enjoy hundreds of baby dolphin images -- but, in the real world, spring is the season for baby animaldom. Or traditionally so, at least, though recent weeks at our California zoos have supported this. A condor in San Diego is getting the lay of the land (and soon the sky) and in Santa Barbara? A giraffe was born on Thursday, April 18. But unlike some zoo babies that stay out of sight for several weeks or months, the 6' 3" Dane -- that's his name, Dane -- met the public for the first time on Tuesday, April 23.

MORE ON THE MASAI GIRAFFE: When he was measured and weighed the day after his birth, Dane did indeed top out at over six feet and some 156 pounds. Impressive numbers, but, of course, that's how a giraffe calf rolls. Large and in charge (well, maybe not "in charge," but certainly very big compared to other babies of the animal world).

ANOTHER CALF ON THE WAY: A five-year-old giraffe named Audrey gave birth to Dane, but there's another calf on the way. The mom-to-be is Betty Lou, and the father to both Dane and this soon-to-be-born giraffe is Michael.

MORE AT THE ZOO: A fox festival, the Zoo Brew, and World Oceans Day are all ahead at the Santa Barbara animal park May and June.

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