Cool Kites at Morro Bay

Spend some time looking up near the famous rock over the final weekend in April.

SPRINGTIME AND SOARING... feels perfectly perfect, thanks to those ol' breezes which are practically synonymous with the season. It's true, though: We tend to be outside more when the first full month of spring starts up, for the days are stretching and the mercury in the thermometer is heading northward. And those afternoons spent under the sky? We're savoring the rays, and the blooming flowers, and, yes, the winds that the time of year is known for (after all, "in like a lion" and March have been a folksy twosome for years). This all leads to one lively, look-up, feel-the-sun-on-your-cheeks thing: Kite festivals tend to rule when the weather grows balmier. And if you can throw a beach into the equation? Well, now you're talking. Add a famous natural landmark, one that's stood for eons, and you have a flier festivity that's ready for cameras, onlookers, and anyone who wants to pass a pretty late-April weekend in Morro Bay. For sure, it is the...

MORRO BAY KIT FESTIVAL... that we're mooning over here, and it is coming back around again, with all the majesty of Morro Rock (the stately backdrop to the event, along with the as-stately Pacific Ocean). All of those bright, tail-flapping wonders'll dart and soar on Saturday, April 29 and Sunday, April 30 at Morro Bay Beach, just a pinch to the northeast of Morro Rock. But you'll find the kites, if you only look up. Also something that's looking up? All of the free-o-sity afoot. You won't have to pay for parking or to join the breezy bash. The event page says that pro kiters have called the Morro Bay winds "...some of the best..." around, so you should enjoy some awesome sky action. The beach, kites, sunshine, and free fun? It's like springtime distilled, with Morro Rock adding its magnificent, ancient flavor to the batch.

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