Corn Nuts! “Heathers” to Become Musical

"Heathers" remains the seminal mean-girl movie, the seminal cool, slightly-goth-y girl movie, the seminal Christian Slater cocking-his-eyebrows and swaggering-in-a-leather-jacket movie. Period. Forget that 20+ years have passed. Forget that other mean-girl movies (including the very good "Mean Girls") have come along. "Heathers" rocks it.

And it will soon rock it on stage -- maybe even the Great White Way, and maybe in 2010. Turns out some producers have gotten their producer-y hands on it, and intend to turn the dark journey into the heart of high school into a big, splashy, song-filled extravaganza. Oh boy, that is a gift to every journal-keeping, monocle-wearing outsider out there. Usually, we think, well, just let well enough alone, especially when it comes to nearly perfect movies or books. But turning the gossip-y bathroom scene into something that's sung? Yes to that.

But note to the producers: please get Winona Ryder for Veronica. In fact, why not ask the entire cast back? Shannon Doherty, those popularity-obsessed princesses, all of them. How very.

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