LA HABRA CORN FESTIVAL: Every time we read about how a kernel of corn pops -- we're talking deep science here -- our esteem for that stalk-iest of butter-delivery systems only grows. We're corny about the stuff. If you are, too, make for La Habra on August 7th, 8th, or 9th. They're feting the veg with eating showdowns, etc. Food angle: Corn, and lots of it.

WINE TASTING AT BARNSDALL PARK: Sipping and sunset. There must be a reason that those two things both start with an "s"; maybe we should thank the person who thought up what letters words should begin with? Also starting with "s": Silverlake Wine, the store that's pouring. It's Friday evening, August 7th, and it is part of the Los Feliz Art Walk. You're walking, you're looking at art. Maybe you're even enjoying some complimentary Scoops...  Food angle: Vino. Ice cream. Repeat.

SILENTS UNDER THE STARS: At the beautiful and Old-Hollywood-y William S. Hart Ranch. We say "Old-Hollywood-y" but we mean that in concept only; this sprawling estate is located in Newhall. This place belonged to silent cowboy Bill Hart, and you'll watch a Bill Hart film. Fun. Food angle: a "Western-style dinner" is on the bill. Even city slickers like this style of chow, we'll wager. Saturday, August 8th, 6PM

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