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Couple Deeply Shaken Over Break-In While They Slept

Brian Levy and his wife Anabelle are still shaken. Woken up in the middle of the night by a creaking front door and an unfamiliar voice inside their home.

"It was totally adrenaline, just knowing there was another male in my house," Brian said.

Levy describes how he jumped up from bed, his first instinct to protect his wife.

"They were on the stairs. They hopped the landing I was within a few feet of them as they left the door. They had it wide open."

When they left the front door, that's when he stopped and realized that they could have had a weapon. The break in left the Yorba Linda neighborhood on high alert.

Minutes before the burglary a nearby security camera appears to show a group of five men in two cars casing the neighborhood near Spring Oak around 2:30 Wednesday morning. The couple believes the men thought no one was home and climbed in through their daughter's second-story bedroom window.

After the break in another security camera captures two cars, a minivan and small SUV speeding away. The burglars didn't take anything, but shattered the couple's sense of security.

"It feels like a scene of a movie or documentary of a scene that went wrong," Anabelle said. "It's frightening to know that all five of them were in our home or getting ready to come into our home."

The Levys are making changes, vowing never to become victims again.

"I've learned through talking with the detectives that these people are on the streets in less than a year doing the same thing," Brian said. "So it just makes you think twice about what kind of world we're in."

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