Death Valley Golf Package

Swing below sea level and enjoy some epic vistas.

FORE SURE: It is hard for us to talk about golfing and Death Valley without breaking out this interesting factoid: The course at Furnace Creek happens to be the world's lowest. We're quite sure there are other golf courses out there that can boast about their own unique feature, but something about this particular stretch, seeing as how it is in one of the world's lowest, driest, hottest stretches, intrigues. Of course, golfing doesn't truly kick in around Death Valley before fall arrives; the Inn at Furnace Creek is shuttered for the summer -- it opens on Oct. 12 in 2012 -- and visitors tend to wait for temps to drop below 100 before making for the national park. We're recommending the Stay & Play package at Furnace Creek for those who really get into their club action. Why? It's a day of unlimited golf. Pretty sweet, right? How much golf can you fit in? You have to figure you'll be soaking in the sun and those Death Valley views, so it won't be all about moving down the greens at a breakneck pace.

TWO MORE THINGS: We did imply before that there is no golfing in Death Valley in the summertime; that isn't exactly true. Participants in the Heatstroke tourney this past June swung in roasting temperatures. Oh, and before we go, we want to say just how low the Furnace Creek Golf Course is: It's 214 feet below sea level. Unless some enterprising golfer opens a course in a cave one day, you can't golf lower on this planet.

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