Delicious Gyoza, Eaten Quickly

Competitors eat dozens and dozens of dumplings, fast.

Marc Amba

The gyoza is one of those foods that crosses the mind with frequency. As in, "I need gyoza." Or, "why haven't I eaten any gyoza this month?" The delicious Japanese potsticker is full of sesame and pork and onions and a host of other ingredients. Combos can and do vary. Then, sizzle sizzle. Those finger-pressed dumplings are fried to dough-crispy perfection.

Now picture a raft of competitors, all lined up, eating dozens upon dozens of those dumplings in a matter of minutes. That's the Day-Lee Gyoza-Eating Championship, a savory staple of the Nisei Week celebrations in Little Tokyo. The 2010 championships happen at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 21 at the Japanese American Cultural & Community Center.

As intriguing in our '80s-doting, game-loving eyes is the Rubik's Cube contest being held earlier in the day. Are you swift of wrist and know what to do with a floating blue square in a sea of green? Get registration details. And get the schedule for the rest of the Nisei Week goings-on. There's so much. Ondo. Taiko. The main parade was last weekend, yes, but the closing weekend is full to brimming with great events.

And now our thoughts once again return to gyoza, as they often do.

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